How does Stockrific work?

Stockrific is an easy to use solution for Order Fulfilment

Stockrific allows businesses that have an online store to easily connect to their warehouse or ensure a quick and effective flow for order fulfilment. It is designed with minimalism in mind, speed and ease of use, making the learning process easy and fast. It does not require operator experience.

It has a robust API, and it easily integrates with the Magento and Shopify platforms in just a few clicks. It also has excellent documentation for the on-demand solution, making the architecture part easy to understand and build on.

It is cost-effective and easy to set up solution for small to medium-sized businesses, with the cloud solution. Also, it can be expanded for large operations, with the on-demand solution.

Elementor #12

The right solution for your business

Fit for every business size

We wanted Stockrific as a tool for small and medium sized businesses. It allows a quick and easy operation setup, in cost effective way and a quick start to fulfil orders

The on demand solution is thought for large businesses and it is designed to be extended to suit any needs.

every Industry

It started as an order fulfilment system for the food industry and after seeing the ease of use and the good feedback on the system, we started expanding it to fit any industry.

It is easily customisable to fit any order fulfilment business needs, with just a few clicks and without advanced skills.

every Role

The Stockrific platform allows for roles splitting, for different users. 

Custom groups and levels of access can be created and assigned to different users with speciffic functions within the organisation. 

It is safe and easy to manage by an admin with a full rights access.

Made to be simple

Are you tired of all the systems with features that nobody ever uses them? 

Stockrific was designed to eliminate all redundant functions, all sections that are not often used and also has built in automation to take care of all the processes that would normally not need a human intervention.